Small Salary, Should You Have Insurance?

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Minimizing the risks that occur in life is to have insurance. But unfortunately, not everyone thinks the importance of insurance. One reason is that a small salary is not enough to pay a premium that is not cheap.

In fact, according to OneShildt financial planner, M. Andoko, in the context of financial planning, life insurance is the main pillar, because it aims to protect the largest assets owned. The biggest asset is ourselves.

“Sometimes those who are still single can delay (buy insurance), but that is not the best choice,” he said, recently.

For example, he said, if you only have IDR 5 million per month, if you take life insurance with a sum of Rp. 200 million, if something goes wrong, the insured, such as a child, wife or family who is chosen as an insured, can still live at the same cost for the next 40 months.

“If we work and we don’t have bonuses, for example, the advice is to use a monthly budget,” he said.

It is not difficult to set aside IDR 200,000 per month to buy insurance, by choosing cheaper life insurance products with higher protection coverage.

Even so, so that the life insurance plan is as much as possible, it must have the goal of having insurance. This is done so that it does not stop midway on the grounds that it still has a small salary while the benefits are not felt.

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