Note This When Choosing Blood Cancer Special Insurance

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Ani Yudhoyono is being treated at National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore due to blood cancer.

The 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave an official statement related to this in the video on February 13, 2019.

“With concern, I convey to friends in the country, Ms. Ani experiencing blood cancer or blood cancer,” SBY said in the video.

Quoting, blood cancer is a type of cancer that interferes with the production and function of blood cells. As a result, blood cells cannot carry out their functions such as preventing infection or bleeding. This was conveyed by a senior hematology consultant at Singapore’s Parkway Cancer Center, doctor Lim Ziyi.

Sometimes patients find out that they have blood cancer when undergoing other diseases.

Someone does want to be healthy and away from illness. However, risks such as natural pain are sometimes present. The risk of the disease can erode financial health because there are medical expenses, treatments and so on.

Currently insurance companies offer a number of products to minimize losses such as health insurance. However, the health insurance is not entirely able to cover the entire disease, such as critical illness.

Financial Planner Education Partners, Mieke Rini said, health insurance usually only covers medical expenses, care and so on. However, in the insurance sometimes it does not cover a number of certain diseases.

Therefore, according to Mieke, there needs to be an appropriate instrument to minimize if it is hit by a critical illness, namely through critical illness insurance.

“When we make financial planning, someone and family must anticipate things that are unexpected, namely risks such as illness. Diagnosed with critical illness, there must be medical expenses. This is not possible for a while because after that there are maintenance costs. but each insurance company is different, “said Mieke Rini, when contacted ,Thursday (02/14/2019).

He said, currently there is indeed a Health Social Security Agency (BPJS) that covers health costs. However, the Health BPJS according to Mieke has different services and comfort than private insurance companies.

To take out critical illness insurance, Mieke suggested that first evaluate. The evaluation starts from the insurance owned. If individuals and families already have insurance, try to see what insurance companies cover, including critical illness.

Then evaluate the family history of the disease from the side of the wife and husband. This evaluation according to Mieke is to find out the insurance taken and anticipate uncertainty going forward.

The evaluation carried out according to Mieke, by looking at what critical illness was covered. Is there something similar to the family history of the disease? Then what are the coverage ?, premiums to be paid, terms and conditions for critical insurance claims.

“If there is a possibility of developing a critical illness, then you can take critical illness insurance. You can ask the insurance agent if you can add critical illness insurance from existing insurance,” said Mieke.

After evaluating, Mieke recommended to start browsing critical illness insurance products offered by insurance companies. Or you can consult an insurance agent. If it hasn’t been covered, can the insurance that you already have be added to critical illness insurance Or see insurance products from other companies.

“This starts window shopping. See the appropriate coverage,” he said.

Then, allocate the budget for the insurance. Mieke added, every individual including children has also begun to have critical illness insurance.

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