Insurance from the Office Is Enough? Recognize 4 Types of Life Insurance for Employees

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A good company usually has a protection system for its employees, at least for health protection in the form of health insurance. Especially nowadays, there are government regulations that require companies to participate in the BPJS Health insurance program. Some companies even provide additional insurance from private insurance companies for their employees.

If even this is considered lacking, then there’s nothing wrong with starting to look at additional insurance to protect yourself. At least there are two insurance products that need to be considered, namely health and life insurance. What considerations need to be considered before taking additional insurance products? The review below will help you.

If at this time you have joined a health insurance program or other additional insurance and feel that there is still less, then there is no harm in taking additional insurance. The following considerations are one of them:

  1. Existing Insurance Currently Insured Value or Service Class is Unexpected

Health insurance has its own service class according to the premium paid. If you feel the class of service provided is not as expected, there’s nothing wrong with looking for additional insurance. Likewise with life insurance, whether the sum insured is large enough or not. Adjust to your needs, at least include Rp1 billion in coverage. If not, you can take additional insurance outside the office.

  1. Not Convenient with Insurance Services from the Office

One thing that makes it most uncomfortable to join an insurance program is the claim mechanism. If insurance from the office is currently troublesome, for example, hospital services are limited, or your mobility is high while the claim process is difficult and troublesome, then it’s good to consider taking other additional insurance.

  1. What is the Budget for Buying Additional Insurance?

This factor is most important to be the main reference. Do not force yourself to take additional insurance which will burden your monthly expenses so that you are often stressed.

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