Husband Falsified Death For Insurance Claims, Wife and Child Suicide

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For insurance claims, a Chinese man deliberately faked his death. But sadly, the action triggered his wife and child to truly commit suicide.
The incident began when a man who was only known as ‘He’, bought an insurance policy worth 1 million yen (Rp2.2 billion) for himself in early September 2018. He did that without his wife’s knowledge.

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Then, on September 19, He used a loan vehicle to fake his own death in a scenario of a car accident that plunged into the river, police said as quoted by the BBC on Wednesday (10/17/2018).
The police investigating the accident did not find Mr. He ‘s body.
Convinced that her husband had died, on October 11, Mr. He’s wife and two children sank themselves by jumping into a pond. As a result, all three were killed.

In a suicide note posted on WeChat, Mr. He’s wife wrote that she wanted to “accompany” her husband and added that he “only wanted our family of four to be together”, Voice of China added.

Knowing his wife and two children died, on October 12, He surrendered to the police in Xinhua County, Hunan Province.
Before surrendering, He posted a viral online video, in which he cried and said he had borrowed 100,000 thousand yen to pay for the treatment of his three-year-old daughter’s epilepsy.

According to a Voice of China report, He listed his wife’s name as the recipient of an insurance claim he bought at the beginning of September. Allegedly, if Mr. He died, the insurance claim money from the policy he bought could flow to his wife and children.
He is now being held on charges of fraudulent insurance claims and causing property damage.

This unfortunate suicide incident has been widely talked about on Chinese social media for the past week, triggering conversations about financial pressures and family problems.

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