How to Choose the Right Insurance Product for Losses

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There are several things that must be considered when deciding on a loss insurance product that will be used by yourself and the company where you work. Here are some tips on how to choose the right loss insurance product.

# Separate objects / items based on economic calculations

Choose items that you really feel need to be insured so that you will not lose later. For example, if you want to take fire insurance for your home and furniture, there is no need to enter the computer and its equipment into the calculation. This is because the recovery value for a computer company is very low when compared to the value at the time of the purchase of the computer or when it will be insured.

# Identify objects / items clearly

It is recommended to first identify the goods / objects to be insured. For example, in a garment factory with machinery owned, generators and other equipment that is still associated with factory production activities.

# Choose a reputable insurance company

Don’t be easily fooled by offering a low premium rate from a certain insurance company. If you get fooled, it is feared that the insurance company cannot complete the payment of the claim when you submit a claim against the insurance company.

# Give information / information clearly

It is advisable to give very clear information about the object / item to be insured. In addition, find complete information about the insurance products offered. You can ask about the type of insurance, the premium rate, the size of the guarantee, the amount of fees to be paid and the claim procedure.

# Good coverage of insurance coverage

You should choose an insurance that has the widest guarantee before the insurance company issues a policy. For example, choose cover property all risks for building property insurance, or cover all risks for motor vehicle insurance.

# Choose an insurance product package

It is recommended to choose one insurance package at a time rather than just choosing one insurance product. This way you will get better discount services and facilities.

# Choose a First Loss Insurance system

If you have a very large value insurance object, it is recommended to use a first loss insurance system from the insurance side. This is intended so that the premium you have to pay does not become too large.

# Adjustable Policy System

The amount or value of merchandise stock insurance in general will show different volumes every day and every month. To overcome this, you can choose an adjustable policy system so that you will pay premiums based on transactions or volumes that you have indeed done.

# Research and ask

It is recommended to always carefully read all policy statements and their articles. You can also ask about the claim procedure in full before agreeing to issue an insurance policy. If there are errors in writing, it’s good to immediately notify the insurer so that they will issue repairs to the policy

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