Home Insurance: Is it profitable?

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Indeed, there are many who know about insurance. Not even a few also know in detail about the ins and outs of insurance. But for some reason, people’s interest in insurance is still quite low. Actually this is quite contradictory between reality and what people want. Just look at how the general public will refuse to become insurance holders for their assets even though they really want to have certainty that nothing bad will happen to their assets. Take for example home insurance. When asked whether the community wanted to become a member of home insurance ownership, only a few agreed.

Is Home Insurance Important?

However, everyone would want their house to be fine. They realize that the house is their shelter. They also realize that home is the best place for them to get relaxation, gather with loved ones and get entertainment. However, when they were faced with an insurance offer, they shook their heads. Even though not a few of these people know how insurance can provide protection to their homes.

Well, let’s assume that most people don’t know anything about home insurance. How can this kind of insurance work and can provide protection to our homes? What will be our obligations and rights? Actually, what is insurance for the house? Let’s try to discuss together here. Who knows, later you can take a lesson that insurance is not something that will harm you, but will give you a lot of positive effects.

Home insurance, as the name implies, is insurance provided by insurance companies to guarantee your assets in this case in the form of houses. We all cannot know exactly what will happen in the future to your home. Without any tendency to make you afraid, there are actually a lot of bad things that can happen to your home. Take for example, fire and natural disasters. Both of these can easily make you lose your home. Your broken home due to these two things is certainly your loss.

But if you have bought home insurance, you don’t need to worry anymore. Basically, an insurance company will help you to alleviate your financial burden or even be your substitute to take care of the financial burden fully. In this case, when your home has a problem such as being damaged by a fire, the insurance company will compensate a sum of money which amount has been agreed upon when you register to become an insurance owner. Take for example, when you have bought a house for Rp. 100 million. Then you buy insurance and you are obliged to pay a premium of Rp. 1 million per year for a period of several years determined by the insurance company. When suddenly your house has a problem as mentioned above, you can receive compensation, the amount of which can vary such as the price of your whole house or 80% or other amounts according to a previously agreed decision.

Isn’t this can be very lightening for you as a homeowner if indeed bad things happen to your home. What if bad things don’t happen to your home? Generally, the premium you have paid will return to you. But there are also some insurance companies that do not return in full or do not return at all. Of course you have to be careful when choosing home insurance. Make sure you get insurance from a reputable company so that the premiums you pay on a regular basis will not be lost for free.

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