Hajj Insurance, Self Protection Products During Worship

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The arrival of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Indonesia made good news for Muslims. In addition to strengthening bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, King Salman also agreed on an additional Indonesian hajj quota in 2017. This has become a breath of fresh air and blessing for Muslims who plan to perform the Hajj.

But, you know, besides the hajj expenses that need to be prepared, you also need to understand about Hajj insurance as one of your forms of protection when performing worship in the holy city of Mecca. Insurance has an important function and should not be underestimated. To find out more about Hajj insurance, see the following review.

  • Understanding of Hajj Insurance

Hajj insurance is a form of financial protection for pilgrims for the risks that might occur. Generally, Hajj insurance is included in the components of the hajj trip costs paid to the Ministry of Religion. This means that the amount paid for the pilgrimage includes insurance costs in it.

Almost all Hajj insurance products are sold in one package with the hajj travel package offered, either regular hajj packages or Hajj plus. Hajj insurance is included in life insurance that provides protection for pilgrims who die or accidents. In addition, this insurance also provides protection for pilgrims who experience both permanent and partial disability caused by disasters during the pilgrimage.

  • MUI Fatwa concerning Hajj Insurance

Hajj insurance is regulated and is recommended. This was confirmed through the fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) number 39 / DSN-MUI / X / 2002 concerning Hajj insurance. The MUI stated that it needed a safety protection for the risk of accidents or deaths. Given the length of the pilgrimage period and the risks that might occur. The management of Hajj insurance is required in accordance with Islamic law. That is, the management of Hajj insurance includes elements such as those in Islamic insurance.

  • How to Register for Hajj Insurance

Generally, Hajj insurance products sold on the market are included in Hajj savings payments. So when you join a Hajj savings program held by a bank or non-bank institution, you are automatically registered with Hajj insurance. For this, you can ensure immediately when you open a Hajj savings account.

Choose a Hajj savings product that suits your needs, understand the procedure first and make a comparison. For example, the Islamic bank A Hajj savings package is more complete and includes Hajj insurance in it, but the initial capital that must be saved is quite high in value compared to the Hajj savings product from Islamic bank B.

  • General requirements

The main requirement for participating in Hajj insurance is to have Hajj savings. To open a Hajj savings account, you can open it at banks that have collaborated with the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia to deal with the departure of the Hajj.

Also prepare important documents for applying for Hajj savings and Hajj insurance. The following are general requirements that you should know according to the ministry of religion:

  • Muslim;
  • Minimum age 12 (twelve) years when registering;
  • ID Card that is still valid in accordance with the domicile or other valid proof of identity;
  • Family card;
  • Birth certificate or birth certificate or marriage certificate or diploma;
  • Savings on behalf of the congregation concerned at BPS *) , (Deposit Recipient Bank for Hajj Implementation Fee)
  • Pas 3×4 color photographs of 10 sheets with a white background with the following provisions:
  • The color of the shirt / veil must contrast with the background;
  • Not wearing official clothes;
  • Don’t use glasses;
  • Face appearance of at least 80 percent;
  • For female pilgrims to wear clothes

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