Get Cheap Insurance Premiums with These Easy Tips

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Various needs and other things in life often confiscate all the attention we have. All that is not easy to fulfill. Because some of these needs must be obtained at a price that is sometimes quite high.

We must fight to the utmost to be able to meet these various needs. To the point of forgetting some other things that turned out to be important later on. One of them is insurance services. Most people assume that this service is quite expensive. Your time is one that thinks so, right?

The assumption that insurance premiums are definitely expensive is the reason why many people do not have insurance. Therefore, you wait and wait for the best time to start using insurance services. This is not only experienced by you. Most people also experience the same thing.

Don’t let that happen continuously. Some of the tips below can be done to get a cheap and affordable insurance premium.

  1. Join Insurance While Younger Is More Profitable

Cheap Insurance

The amount of premium in the insurance will be seen based on the risk of the participants. Basically, the insurance company will use the assumption that the older the insurance participant, the greater the risk that must be borne.Young age has a number of risks which are fairly mild. Therefore the amount of premiums that must be paid for insurance facilities will also be quite cheap and affordable. However, this will certainly apply otherwise. If you take out insurance when you are older, the insurance company will bear a large amount of risk.It is natural that they apply an expensive premium for purchasing insurance that you do in old age. No need to procrastinate and wait until you get old. Buying insurance at a young age will give you an advantage in the form of a fairly light premium payment.

  1. Choose Pure Life Insurance

Unlike unit link insurance that has investment benefits, pure life insurance is really only intended for the insured’s life protection. In this insurance, there will be no premium refund to participants. Because the amount of premium paid will expire at the end of the premium payment period.In essence, this insurance only focuses on providing protection with a large amount of coverage. Not to mention the premiums are cheap because they don’t play an investment role. For those of you who experience obstacles in the amount of premium, pure life insurance can be used as a consideration.

  1. Carefully Buy Additional Insurance (Rider)

Riders Additional Insurance

Purchasing additional insurance or a rider is fine, especially since this is really needed. This addition of riders will certainly be directly proportional to the addition of a number of insurance premiums. So it’s very important to consider it carefully before finally choosing and buying it.Rider prices are quite expensive. Therefore, make sure you only buy the much-needed ones. In addition, it is important to understand the rider you are going to buy well. That way, you understand clearly what are the benefits and conditions contained in it. And you avoid purchases that don’t have maximum benefits.

  1. If You Don’t Want It Alone, Choose Family Insurance

At present some insurance companies also have family insurance products. This type of insurance will be very appropriate for those of you who intend to buy insurance for you personally and at the same time for other family members (your spouse and children).In this insurance service, you will not be charged a separate premium between one family member and the other. Insurance companies will only issue one policy for all family members. This policy purchase (one policy) will help you save money. Because the price is indeed much cheaper than using a separate policy (alone).

  1. Search for Existing Charges (As Charged) System

The inner limit system is usually found in health insurance. The inner limit system will limit participants from only being able to get insurance benefits depending on the type of claim. Even in insurance, there is an annual limit, this does not necessarily cover the insured’s health costs.As an illustration, insurance participants take de insurance with a one-year limit of IDR 220 million and an inner limit (including doctor’s fees, medicines, care costs, etc.) of Rp10 million. Suppose the doctor’s fees, medicines, and care costs reach IDR 27 million, insurance claims obtained are only Rp.10 million even though the one-year limit is Rp.220 million. The insured is borne by the insurance participant.Instead of using existing inner limit insurance, it’s better to buy one that uses the system according to the bill (as charged). In the as charged system, the insurance company will pay the insurance claim bill in full (as long as the annual limit is still available). This will certainly be far more profitable for you. In the As charged, you will be able to make large claims even as long as the amount is still below your annual limit.

  1. No Need to Use Life Insurance

Lifetime insurance products charge a large premium. In this insurance, you will be required to pay a premium that increases with increasing age as a policy holder. This is certainly understandable, considering the risks borne by insurance companies will also be greater along with your age.In old age, insurance coverage may not be needed. At that age, your children must be mature and independent and not depend on you financially anymore. Therefore, insurance protection will not be maximized anymore. Because they are financially independent.

  1. Utilizing a System of Refunds for Bills for Health Insurance Products

Health insurance has two ways to return the cost of hospitalization when processing claims, namely the inner limit and the bill. The following is the explanation:Inner limit is where the maximum limit will be determined by the guarantor As per the limit, the insurer will replace whatever the cost of the bill is as long as the annual limit is still available Take advantage of these two ways to get low insurance premium fees, meaning that the refund money can be accumulated in the premium you will pay.

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