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Experience sometimes inspires the minds of many people, including insurance experiences

As an illustration of how the above factors are so influential, there are two people who are different from various things and the point of view, say Nardi and Iskam.

As one of the stylish young executives, Nardi paid more attention to appearance. Moreover, he is very fond of anything that is Korean. There is no one from the tip of the hair to the tip of the big toe, which is not Korean.

The coolness of Nardi has become increasingly intense since he routinely gymnastics and consumes high nutritious foods organic flavors. Plus Nardi Emoh, whose name is alcohol, especially cigarettes. For Nardi, the two civilization products that hit the Baby Boomers era were like Mr. Mayhem is in the SOA series, which is at any time ready to take his life. Nardi prefers to sip a cup of green tea in the afternoon while listening to relaxing music with a glance at the sun which immerses itself in the western horizon. It’s like a Hobbit life in Nardi’s life Shire.

Here is the difference between Iskam and Nardi. Iskam who likes challenging ones prefers outdoor work, aka outdoors. As soon as he graduated from college he preferred to have fun with the beach waves as a trainer for surfers. It all started with a childhood memory of the Baywatch series. “Macho” Mitch made Iskam aspire to devote his physical body to the beach. Iskam’s high-risk work and hobby requires Iskam to withstand sunburn. Because of the sun, Iskam can be called the exotic trainer. Glad to be a praised Iskam

Unfortunately, Iskam is dissolving in the lifestyle of the beach young people. Almost every night Iskam stopped by a club around the beach to just drink 3-5 cups of glass full of alcohol. Not to mention Iskam loves cigarettes because according to him the aroma of tobacco mixed with cloves on cigarettes is burned like aromatherapy which brings his mind moksa from the frenzied surroundings.

Information literacy, including financial information, made Nardi and Iskam interested in having insurance. Tired of work, the results of hard work just stand out? That’s what they think of as a force that has been illiterate in their minds about finance. For them, insurance is important. The conglomerates don’t, at least don’t worry. Because of that insurance they consider to be the protector of their financial palace.

Because these two people are reluctant whose names are as complicated as other millennials, health insurance is taken with the same benefits as the same time period from the same company online. After going through a series of short processes by filling in the data until finally called for a medical check-up (MCU), their health insurance proposal came out.

Nardi’s smile expands because he only pays a health insurance premium of Rp300,000 / month. For him, that premium is not burdensome. Different from Iskam who spread his fierce forehead, until his left and right eyebrows united, because they had to pay a premium of Rp. 650,000 / month. “Errgggghh … It’s expensive!” Said Iskam silently.

From Nardi and Iskam’s case, it is clear that factors such as work and lifestyle are so influential. Especially after the MCU, it was guessed who was susceptible to illness and easily affixed to the disease. So, before actually taking insurance, fix yourself first if lifestyle is to make premiums expensive. That way, there is no such thing as insurance.

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